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Andrew Botopela

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‘One hell of a guy,’ –  Sowetan

‘Mjita,’ - The Daily Sun

‘I wish I could be more like him,’ – The Most Interesting Man in the World

‘You would be crazy not to date him,’ – Miss World

‘My Hero’ – Spider Man

‘He’s my phone’s background,’ – My Mom

These quotes, about me, sum up where I am at. Not bad considering that I failed crèche 3 times. Now…the only thing lower than my standard is myself esteem. I am a constant work in progress. I’m not who I used to be, but every day is one day closer to what, who and where I want to be.

My radio career seed was firmly planted at Voice of Wits. I then moved to Radio 702 where I was recruited to join Metro FM. From Metro FM, I then joined Radio 2000. I grew up in a village called Tlhabine in Tzaneen. Diepkloof is my second home.

I grew up believing that the first computer dates back to Adam and Eve. It was an Apple with limited memory, just one byte. And then everything crashed.

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