Post Gospel Festival

Date: Nov 23, 2018

Thobela FM hosted their fourth annual Gospel Festival at the Polokwane Cricket Club on the 17th of November 2018

Thobela FM hosted their fourth annual Gospel Festival at the Polokwane Cricket Club on the 17th of November 2018.

In preparation for the festival the station had put together exciting and interesting activities took place around the festival such as On-Air & Digital competitions, promotional roadshows to drum up hype, early bird & group ticket discounts, an artist’s workshop and many more…

The roadshows that took place were to promote and encourage listeners to purchase tickets at various selected malls around Polokwane.

  • Mankweng shopping complex:  20th October 2018
  • Mahwelereng shopping complex: 27th October 2018
  • Tibane Shopping Complex: 03rd November 2018
  • Seshego circle shopping complex: 10th November 2018


For the first time whilst hosting the annual festival, the station managed to have a prize give away in the form of a car at the festival. The initiative to have a giveaway prize was to encourage listeners to participate in on air and digital competitions and to attend the actual festival. The station generated revenue from the “sms” competition messages that the listeners would send in order to enter their ticket numbers into the draw for the car.

The station saw a great hike in the ticket sales from the time that the car giveaway prize was announced.

On the 17th of November 2018 upon entering the Festival grounds one would be hard pressed not to notice the sheer number of people that took the time to attend the event, the support that the listeners of Thobela FM have shown towards our annual Gospel Festival has left station with a sense of wonder and a feeling of being appreciated. The atmosphere was electrifying to say the least, it was apparent that the listeners of Thobela FM were having a great time.

This year’s line-up had consisted of greats such as artistes such as Dr. Rebecca Malope, Sipho Makhabane, Winnie Mashaba, Solly Moholo, Andile Kamajola, Sechaba, Psalmist Sefako, Tshepo Nkadimeng, Peter Mabula, Takie & Rofhiwa, Blondie Sexwale and Ngwana Ledwaba were on the roster to perform and entertain the crowd gathered at the festival grounds.

Sipho Makhabane and Solly Moholo were as entertaining as always. The draw that they have of captivating and invoking a sense of being a part of the performing members on the stage never ceases to amaze anyone, both artistes had the crowd singing and mimicking their stage actions throughout their performances.

We cannot forget about the amazing voices of Dr. Rebecca Malope, Tshepo Nkadimeng and Winnie Mashaba. These three gifted artists had the crowds so entrenched in their performances that it felt as if one had lost a piece of their soul when their allocated time on stage ended. They were so entertaining that the crowd could not help but to request more songs from them respectively.

Needless to say that all the artistes had the crowd going and kept them entertained throughout their performances.

Sechaba’s ascendance to the stage signified the end off of the festivities which had a lasting impression on the listeners as they could be seen and heard still singing to the music that they were blessed with even after the festival came to a close, the volume of their voices never decreased until we as the festival organizers left the vicinity of the Polokwane Cricket Club.

It is unfortunate that we cannot have the festival continuing into the night indefinitely but if that were possible we are certain that we would have never had any listeners leaving the festival venue as all the performances by the artistes were magnificent and kept the crowd enthralled with their impressive singing abilities and great energy.

Thobela FM is most thankful for a successful 4th annual festival and looks forward to a bigger and better festival the following year.


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