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How wide is Thobela FM coverage?

Thobela FM covers Limpopo, Gauteng, Mpumalanga and North West. You can also listen live audio streaming.

Ways to listen to THOBELA FM


Find the THOBELA FM frequency on the Frequency Finder. If your region isn't listed or if you're battling to get a good signal: send us an E-mail then we will look into it.

THOBELA FM would love to broadcast over the entire country, but as it stands, THOBELA FM has the maximum number of transmitters legally allowed by ICASA. As a national radio station at the SABC Radio Station transmitters are allocated in certain areas only. These transmitters have a designated wattage strength which allows a specific footprint over a given area only. By law, we are not allowed to exceed this allocation. You can call ICASA explaining your needs and hopefully they can help you: 011 566 3000/3001.


The "Listen Live" feature streams THOBELA FM live via any browser on your cellphone, desktop computer, laptop.


Thobela FM's Facebook page and twitter page, you can get all updates on events, pictures and what is happening in the station.


4. DSTV (now available)

On channel 815


Which other language does Thobela FM use?

 Thobela FM broadcasts in Northern Sotho


What Frequency can find Thobela FM on?

You can find Thobela FM on 87.6 MHZ – 92.1 MHZ


What are the procedures to be followed when we want to visit the station?

You call 015 290 0068 or E-mail MathobelaMS@sabc.co.za for bookings


What is our fax number?

015 290 0172 / 0240


What is the procedure for death reports announcement?

There is a form that is provided by the station at reception and mortuaries and must be taken to police station or funeral parlour for stamp.


  • Write a certified letter with the following information:
  • Name deceased
  • Place where the deceased resided
  • Date of burial,
  • Cemetery
  • Time
  • As well as the person announcing the death


Who to contact when we want to advertise?

015 290 0273 Radio Sales department or e-mail NdouM@sabc.co.za


General competition rules: The General Competition Rules are found on the Footer under Competitions.

If you've won a competition, please allow 12 weeks for the delivery of your prize.

You can direct all competition enquiries to ranthotc@sabc.co.za

How to enter for a specific competition

Stay tuned to Thobela fm


Thobela FM does not sponsor events. We act as a media partner and promote them.

Would you like to partner with us? submit your proposal to

rasefatem@sabc.co.za 015 290 0064

Who to contact for news and current Affairs?

News Department: 015 290 0173/0177

Current Affairs: 015 290 0266/0109/0189


Where to send programmes concerns?

Programmes Manager:

sebolamf@sabc.co.za  015 290 0074


What procedure do I follow when I want to submit a CD to be played On Air?

It is imperative that every CD be submitted at the Record Library and NOT to the compiler. You can contact the Librarian on 015 290 0151 to find out about the pre-requisites of a CD in order for it to be eligible for air-play.
You can also submit via E-mail at music@thobelafm.co.za , click here for more information


The SABC and its services are signatories to various Codes of Conduct related to its broadcasts. If you have a complaint, you can direct it to any of the following bodies:

1. Details on lodging a complaint about programming content that you believe does not comply with the provisions of the Code of Conduct of the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa can be found at www.bccsa.co.za

2. Details on lodging a complaint about advertising that you believe does not comply with the provisions of the Code of Conduct of the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa can be found at www.asasa.org.za

3. Details on lodging a complaint about advertising that you believe does not comply with the provisions of the Code of Conduct of the Wireless Application Service Providers Association of South Africa can be found at www.waspa.co.za

You can send complaints on other SABC matters to:


The Manager
Broadcast Compliance
Private Bag X1
Auckland Park
E-mail shibambonv@sabc.co.za
Tel 011 714 2244
Fax 011 714 4508

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